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24 June 2008 @ 12:38 pm
Welcome to mekopon's LiveJournal Graphics Community. Here, Meko will have available graphics of her many Manga/Anime fandoms. This journal will mostly host icons, however, on special occasions, layouts, headers, friends-only banners, and "Requests" entries may be made. Please enjoy your stay and follow these easy RULES:

+ When taking my graphics, always remember to CREDIT either meko_graphics or mekopon. Don't know how? See here:

Follow what's highlighted in yellow!

+ Commenting is optional, but very much appreciated. I'd like to know who all is using my icons. Thank you!
+ Do NOT alter my creations in any way, shape, or form! That said, textless graphics are NOT bases!
+ Do NOT steals my graphics and claim them as your own. It's rude, so please just don't! :)
+ Lastly, always remember to credit and enjoy! Thanks!